Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day hike

My Dad and two younger brothers decided to take a hike last Sunday afternoon.  So we went to South Cumberland Recreation Area; also known as Savage Gulf, or Stone Door.  This area mainly consists of a large "gulf", or ravine that is in the shape of a crows foot.  It also has several nice water falls, and many hiking trails.  Some of the trails are very tough to hike, and Fiery Gizzard trail, which is not actually in the park itself, is supposed to be the roughest trial in Tennessee.  We only hiked a short distance but we had a good time.  The weather was wonderful, It was one of the first days that really felt like fall.  The breeze was very refreshing on top of the cliffs.
Here is my Backpack, hat, and Walking stick.  My Grand Father gave me this walking stick and I really like it, it is made of Dog Wood, and it is a good stout stick.
This is the Stone door, it is 100ft deep and about 10ft wide, and it was used by the Indians as a passage to the bottom of the gorge.
This is me.
And this is my brother if you can see him.
I believe this is Maple-leaf Viburnum (Viburnum acerifolium).  But if it is not then please leave a comment.  Also if you know if the berries are edible then please let me know.
Ramaria formosa
I hope I can go back later this fall when the leaves have turned color.


  1. Beautiful views, and that stone door is really cool!

  2. Awesome terrain. That'll help you to grow legmussles!
    The Stone Door is cool. Reminds me of the Rocks Prachow in Tschechia.

  3. Thanks guys, the terrain will definitely give you a work out. The Stone door is quite a land mark, and it is one of the few places to get down into the bottom of the gorge. Also what is Prachow, and where is Tschechia, if you have any pics it would be neat to see.