Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camping Gear

Here is some of my camping gear that I use.  I got the small green backpack recently, It is African I think,and It is rather small.  I like that it is small because it is easy to get through the woods,and it keeps it's shape very well.  I really like a backpack that is slightly rigid and holds its shape.  Another thing I like is when it is packed up it keeps the weight in line with may body so it does not throw me off balance.  It also has two small pockets on the side in which I can fit quite a bit of things.  I have taken this backpack on an overnight backpacking trip and it held every thing very well.

The olive drab wool blanket is my bedroll and it fits perfectly on top of the small backpack. Then I strap another bedroll on the bottom of the pack, this bedroll consists of a tarp for my shelter a flannel sheet and another small blanket. Also in the pic is my leather shirt and moccasins, my belt and pouches, bayonet, and canteen

Here is how the bed rolls look. I also have one of my quivers strapped to it.

In this picture I have the bayonet on the side, all I have to do is reach over my shoulder and there it is!

This picture is kinda blurry but It gives you an Idea of the size of the whole thing.

I'm wearing my army belt and pouches in these two pictures, they contain matches, small cord, pencil and paper, and glow stick.  I also have another pouch that contains a first aid kit, but since I had another first aid kit in my backpack I did not have that one on.  The two side pockets on the backpack contain things I might need to get at real fast.  Here is a list of things in the outer pockets on this
particular hike.

First aid kit.


Emergency blanket.

A snack.


It turns out that it started to rain and I had to use my poncho, thankfully I was able to get to it easily, my brother had trouble finding his and it took longer to dig through his pack and find it.  That is why it is good to put things that you might need in a hurry where you can get to  them.



  1. Nice kit, and great work on the blog so far. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you weekendwoodsman I am enjoying my blog, but it is rather new to me.

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