Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sheath knife

I have been looking for a knife that suits me for a while now and I finally found it.  One of my friends makes knives and I bought this one from him, he does a really good job.  I was looking for a smallish fixed blade knife that could do all the jobs I needed it to, so I just need to carry one. 

I split some wood with it, it worked great. 

Here is a tinder or fuzz stick I cut.

I cut some green hack berry.

This is the sheath I made for it. It is small enough that I hardly notice it when it's on my belt but large enough that I think I can do most any chore.  I still need to try it out on other things but it has done well.


  1. Nice knife and sheath!
    Good to see young people have a liking for simple and practical designs with a feel for natural and/or tradtional materials.

    1. Yes I have enjoyed this knife, and I do like it's simplicity.