Thursday, October 4, 2012

New gear

Well I've been very busy, so I have not posted for some time.  Last Saturday some of our friends had an open house at their bakery, which is a little more like a fall festival.  I had a chance to come and set up a stand and sell some of my woodwork.  Also there was a yard sale, and I found some good deals on some gear that I just could not pass up.
I got some small leather pouches, that my Grandfather brought to my attention, he has a very good eye for camping gear and things that would be useful.  Also I got a small green metal cup, I already have a blue one identical to it, but I liked the color.  The coffee pot is one of my favorite things I got. It is a 3 cup percolator, and quite compact.  I have wanted one like this for a while now.  The boots are military surplus, and and I was surprised to find that they actually fit me, I have a little trouble finding boots that fit me.
The coffee pot.
This is my table, and some of the spoons I was selling.
Some cutting boards, and a rolling pin.
A walnut bowl.
Large and medium spoons, and more cutting boards.
Fresh cooked apple butter.

And me.  Thanks for looking.



  1. Nice finds, and even nicer handiwork by you!

  2. Thanks, I really enjoy working with wood.