Monday, November 12, 2012


 I have been doing allot of deer hunting in my spare time, and although I have not been able to harvest any deer yet I have gotten quite a few pictures on my outings. So here are a few of them.
Here is a grey squirrel, it had a partner in the tree with it, and they just sat there and looked at me like they didn't know what to think of me.  The leaves were wet so I was able to move around without making much noise at all.
This is the other squirrel that was with the first.  I could have easily shot him, instead I shot a few pictures.
This is a buck rub on a yellow poplar.  This and another poplar a few feet from it have been rubbed for the last three or four years.  This is  what I call an annual rub, and it is rather unusual for a tree to be rubbed year after year, at least in my experience.  It is on a fairly well traveled trail and right in the middle of some very thick cover, and leading into a part of a field where I often see deer.  I would guess that the deer (or bucks) feel very comfortable using this area.
My brother gave me these notebooks for my birthday and they are really neat.  I use one to keep all my hunting records in, deer sightings, stand placement, deer sign, and so on.  They come in packs of three and they fit in a shirt or coat pocket very well.  I do not have the web address for Field Notes on hand, but I'm sure you can Google it and find it.  I would recommend them to anybody that needs a small notebook or likes to write things down.
Here is a fawn, I could have shot a whole bunch of fawns if I had wanted to, but I don't like to shoot the fawns.  They just don't know danger very well and they come in close and give more shot opportunities.  I have seen lots of deer, a few nice bucks, LOTS of squirrels!!!, and even a coyote chasing a deer. 
And this is my self bow that I am using.


  1. Very nice pictures, and nice bow!

  2. Thanks, I like this osage bow quite a bit. I also like the bow you were using in your last post. A good long or short bow is probably my favorite weapon to use in the woods.

  3. Hey Sam!

    To anyone interested, here's the link for Field Notes: